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1:1 iPad Program

St. Petersburg Catholic High School strongly believes in the use of technology in the classroom. We began a 1:1 iPad program in 2014 so that all students have access to an Apple iPad throughout the school year.

The iPad enables students to create content, interact with their fellow students and teachers and complete assignments in new and innovative ways by demonstrating their understanding of the material using documents, audio, video, photos and different apps. 




One of the most important things about a successful technology program is how students and teachers can interact and work together using the technology. There are many apps that our students can use but there are 3 primary apps which all students use on a day to day basis:

Notability - Enables students to work with documents, take notes, edit assignments, and record audio all from their iPad. This app is heavily used by our students for their daily work.

Showbie - This app provides the piece of the classroom where a student obtains content from their teacher, brings that work into Notability or another app and then submits it back to their teacher. All of this being done with a few taps of the finger.

Google Drive -  A very important piece of working electronically at school is having a place to store your materials. Google Apps for Education not only provides our students with unlimited file storage but it also includes great tools like E-mail, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and the ability to collaborate with anyone on any document in real-time.

Mr. John Kowalik

Instructional Technology Coordinator


Mr. John Christian

Director of Technology


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