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Mission Statement for the Religion Department: 

We, as a Religion Department, focus our efforts at passing on Faith and challenging young men and women to see that their growth in Faith is just as important as their growth in preparing for a career.

We challenge our young people through presenting our Catholic Christian Traditions whose bed rock is the life and ministry of Jesus and whose values have guided and challenged the civilizations of this world for some twenty centuries.

We challenge our young people through presenting the best of modern Scripture scholarship in our effort to help both young and old hear the Eternal Word of God spoken through the cultures of the past.

As Religion Teachers, we seek to be a living example of men and women who live a Faith that presents a challenge to both heart and mind! We, just as our entire faculty and staff, model the God given charisms for education and life that have come to us from St. John Bosco, the founder of a world-wide community committed to being true friends and spiritual leaders for the young.

Department News:

The Religion Department and St Petersburg Catholic High School are proud to announce that two of our seniors, Clara Poffenberger and Kelsey Matala (pictured below), have won 1st and 2nd place (respectively) on the Tampa Bay Consular Corps Essay Contest on the topic of the Holocaust.  They will receive their scholarships at the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Tampa on January 22.  

Poffenberger_-_Clara.jpgClara Poffenberger 

Class of 2017

1st Place Essay Contest Winner

(Click here to read Clara's Essay)


Kelsey Matala

Class of 2017

2nd Place Essay Contest Winner

(Click here to read Kelsey's essay)