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Social Studies

Social Studies Department Mission Statement

The instructors of the Social Studies department are dedicated to challenging our students. We take pride in providing them with empirical knowledge that spans all curricula. We introduce them to the pathways of history and the social sciences. Today’s students need to be focused more on moral principles and their place in the pursuit of, and responsibility to, global peace. To this end we must produce citizens who are informed, active, and responsible participants in this global effort. We are no longer only citizens of our great nation but citizens of the world as well. Our promise to all our students can be summed up in just four words: “You will be prepared.”


Social Studies Department Goals:

1.) To make students more aware of the importance of geography and place a greater emphasis on the geographic locations of countries and U.S. states.

2.) To teach students to think critically by analyzing and interpreting various primary source documents and demonstrating how those documents are relevant to a particular person, place, or event.


Social Studies Clubs/Honor Societies:

Florida Model United Nations

Moderator: Mr. Hart

Key Club

Moderator: Mr. Spelman

Rho Kappa Honor Society

Moderator: Mr. Kuehnle

Mr. Evan Schroeder

Department Head

Mr. Will Kuehnle

AP World History, World History CP/H

Mr. Charles Spelman

World Geography CP/H

Mr. Ron Rhoads

Business, Psychology 1&2, Economics CP/H, US Gov CP/H

Mrs. Jessica Kreger

AP US History, US History H, World History, Economics H, AP Gov

Mr. Derek Gallardo

AP Human Geography, US History, AP Psychology, Contemporary History