Academic Yearly Checklist

Grade 9

___ Adjust academically, socially and spiritually to school life.

___ Devote adequate time to your studies and always do your homework.

___ Seek extra help in subjects if you are struggling.

___ Choose at least one extra-curricular sport, club or activity to join.

___ Take PSAT/Pre-ACT test.

___See your counselor if you have any concerns (academic or personal).

___Set goals in Naviance Student and begin your resume

___ Start talking about college process and Bright Futures with your counselor and parents.

Please note: 

***College and university admissions departments place a heavy emphasis on your high school semester grades starting in the fall of freshmen year.


Grade 10

___Take PSAT in the fall.

___ Begin to research colleges.

___ Maintain or improve grades. Devote time to your studies and homework.

___Seek extra help when needed.

___Remain involved with school sports, clubs and activities.

___Take advantage of community service opportunities.

___ Continue to talk about college process with your counselor and parents

___Continue using Naviance Student to update your resume, for career exploration and college research

Grade 11

Take PSAT, SAT I and ACT Tests (some colleges require SAT II Subject Tests)

___This is the time to seriously discuss colleges and explore careers. Parents are encouraged to set up an appointment with your son's/daughter's counselor in the spring or summer.

___Seek out leadership opportunities in school and the community. 

___Attend Bay Area College Fair and sign up for college visits to SPC.

___Continue to monitor grades and requirements for Bright Futures and graduation.

___Ask for teacher recommendations at the end of second semester.

____Continue using Naviance Student as a resource for college and career research. Make sure your resume is complete and accurate.

Grade 12

___Work on college essays

___Finalize teacher recommendations

___Take SAT I and/or ACT if necessary

___Complete college applications early in the school year and meet college deadlines. Request transcripts/letters of recommendation on Naviance Student.

___Continue to maintain high academics through senior year and see your counselor for Bright Futures eligibility.