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Teaching the Good Podcast

We are proud to announce the release of St. Petersburg Catholic's Teaching the Good podcast with hosts Dr. Lily Abadal and Mr. William Kuehnle!
teaching the good
Is is our hope that this podcast will help members of the Baron family (and beyond!) form a deeper sense of mission and purpose in their support of SPC and catholic education more generally. We encourage faculty, staff, catholic educators, current, and prospective families to join the discussion by listening each week! This is also a great way to learn how the Holy Spirit is moving through our school! Episodes are roughly 15 minutes long and are a nice accompaniment to your morning/afternoon commute. See below for a description and a link to our first few episodes!
Description: Teaching the good will explore the challenges, joys, and importance of educating young catholics in a secular world. Our intention is to be a resource and provide virtual community for catholic educators, parents, and all those striving to better understand how young people become virtuous at St. Petersburg Catholic High School and beyond.
Meet the Hosts: 
Dr. Lily Abadal is the Director of Advancement at St. Petersburg Catholic High School. Lily has a doctorate in philosophy with a specialization in virtue ethics. In addition to working at St. Petersburg Catholic, she teaches philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University and is currently working on a publication exploring moral issues surrounding fundraising at not-for-profit institutions. 
Will Kuehnle is a history teacher at St. Petersburg Catholic High School. Will was a Notre Dame ACE teacher at St. Petersburg Catholic and decided to stay beyond his commitment with ACE! Will is a convert to the Catholic faith and a passionate advocate of Catholic education.
         Producer: Shelby Cala
         IT Support: John Kowalik
How Can I Listen? You can find our podcast by searching "Teaching the Good" on your apple or android podcast app. You can also access episodes from your desktop by visiting this website. Episodes are available now!
In this first episode you get an opportunity to meet the hosts of Teaching the Good! We recommend giving this a listen before you venture into our other episodes!
In this episode Lily & Will discuss what is meant by "value neutral" education and why it is a myth. Ultimately, they come to the conclusion that all educational institutions teach values in some way, even secular schools. The important choice for parents is discerning what *kind* of values you want your kids learning. 
In this episode our hosts explore the importance of community in education and how students need to be physically present with teachers in order to learn virtue. They also discuss the difference between teaching content knowledge and providing a robust education--one has the possibility of being done alone while the other does not. 
In this episode the connection between failure and virtue formation is explored. Why is it important that to recognize failure as a possibility and reality in education? What is the goal of education--earning high marks or allowing students to realize their limitations, opportunities for growth, and potential for virtue development? 
What is virtue? How do we help form virtuous students? Why is virtue relevant in Catholic education? Is kombucha alive? In this episode Lily & Will discuss the answers to these questions while diving into the four parts of virtue as defined by Aristotle.
What does it mean to be truly authentic? How do we live out our lives authentically in a world that constantly tells us to be something else? In this episode Will learns about Açaí bowls as he and Dr. Abadal discuss the virtue of authenticity. 

This week Lily & Will discuss Rituals. How do they help form us in virtue? Where is their place in our Catholic faith? How can they facilitate a more meaningful classroom experience? Tune in for answers to all these questions plus a little bonus content at the beginning of this episode! 

This week Lily breaks the "Yes, No" game while she and Will discuss the desire to learn. Is it natural? Is it good? Do students today even possess it? Tune in!
This week on Teaching the Good "The Doc" & "The Dude" discuss the concept of moral imagination. Before diving into that though, will has an existential crisis when he discovers that he's basic. 
Sloth, laziness, apathy. This week Lily & Will discuss “acedia”, the impact it has on us, and ways to combat it. Also, a hot take on Monopoly -- it’s the worst.
This week, join The Doc & The Dude as they navigate the complexities of rest. You may be thinking “What’s so complicated about rest?” Well, you haven’t discussed it with these two yet.
Life is full of big decisions that can be difficult to navigate. Thankfully, Lily & Will are here to give some insight as to how we can make our way through these big decisions and come out the other side looking a little more like Christ.
Educating children doesn't just happen in the classroom. In fact, most education takes place outside of the classroom! This week The Doc, Lily Abadal, & The Dude, Will Kuehnle, *graciously* discuss the role of parents as primary educators. 
Christ the Teacher: What does He teach? How does He teach? Why does He teach it? This week Lily & Will examine these questions plus another hot take from Will -- Jesus may have been unattractive. Tune in! 
Thanksgiving is known for many things -- turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and awkward, high tension conversations with relatives. The Doc & The Dude are here to help us navigate these tough conversations this year, and, hopefully, help us come out the other side looking a little more like Christ. 

What does true humility look like? How does humility play a part in the classroom? Join The Doc & The Dude this week as they dive into the answers to these questions and more!