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Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program at St. Petersburg Catholic High School offers students in each grade level the amazing opportunity to lead and grow as leaders and networkers. Under the guidance and direction of Ms. Carmona students learn public speaking skills, professional etiquette, emotional intelligence, small group leadership, and basics of marketing, advertising, and public relations. In doing so, our students acquire the skills to assist both Admissions and Advancement in a wide-array of on-campus events and activities. 

All students are welcome to apply via a written application each Fall. Students with successful written applications are invited for an in-person interview. Those students who are successful in the interview process become our St. Petersburg Catholic High School students ambassadors. 

We highly recommend this program for students interested in the following career paths: 

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • Non-profit Leadership
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Politics 
  • Public Relations