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Athletics Participation Forms

Parents will need to create their account on Athletic Clearance Account.
Prior to their first practice, or summer workout, all student/athletes must have an EL2 (physical) and FHSAA certificates uploaded to their Athletic Clearance Account prior to participation. 


These are the items that are mandated by the FHSAA before they may participate in a school sponsored sport.  Those forms are:

1. Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (EL2)

2. "Concussion for Students," "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" and "Heat Illness Prevention" Certificates

      • The FHSAA  requires that all student athletes complete 3 online courses titled "Concussion in Sports," "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" and "Heat Illness Prevention." These free courses are offered online at
        Click the link below to go to each course.
        Concussion in Sports
        Heat Illness Prevention
        Sudden Cardiac Arrest

      • The athlete will have to create an account, complete each course and print out the certificate of completion. These courses are mandatory for all FHSAA member school athletes and must be completed before the first day of your sport's practice. The certificates of completion should be uploaded to your Athletic Clearance Account prior to the 1st day of try-outs.

Digitally signed on your Athletic Clearance Account and upload all completed forms.