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Prospective Transfers


Transferring to a new school during high school can be difficult so we try to make this process as comfortable and seamless as possible. Please see the timeline below, which specifies how our transfer process works and who the necessary contacts are for each step:

  1. COMPLETE APPLICATION & SCHEDULE A VISIT. Please contact us to inquire about our application and schedule a tour and shadow day here. If you have any questions regarding your application, shadow days, or tours, please contact Catherine Carmona at
  2. DISCUSS TUITION & FEES. Please contact the Registrar, Terry Kerr, at or Director of Finance, Jacqueline Briggs at to discuss tuition & fees. Please note that your need for tuition assistance does NOT factor into any admissions decisions. 
  3. RECORDS. A records request will be submitted by the Registrar. If your student has a SSP, IEP, or 504 plan, SPC will also request for a Student Support Plan (SSP) to be sent. If you have any questions about record retrieval/receipt please contact our Registrar, Terry Kerr, at
  4. TRANSFER AFFIDAVIT & TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS, Parents will need to complete the top section of the Transfer Affidavit and give it directly to the school to be completed. The transferring school can mail, fax, or scan and email to

Students will need to give teacher recommendation forms to three teachers for completion. Teachers will send in the completed recommendation forms to SPC. Teachers should mail, fax, scan and email to

  1. REVIEW. Grades, test scores, attendance, and discipline records are reviewed by administration. A proposed schedule (course placement) will be drafted by the guidance department. If you have questions concerning their schedule or placement, please contact our Director of Guidance and College Placement, Elaine Zuckerman, at
  2. DECISION. The family will be informed of the Admissions Committee’s decision. 

*Please note that mid-semester transfers are taken at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

If the family accepts the offer of Admissions, contact Risse Brothers, Clearwater for uniform orders.


An Acceptance Letter and Registration Packet will be mailed to your home address.  The packet will include the forms that need to be completed, as well as the copies of documents that need to be submitted at Registration. Registration is by appointment, please follow the instructions in the Registration Packet.  Every transfer student will also be interviewed by the Principal before beginning classes.  


Once registered, an Orientation for the incoming student will be scheduled.  First day of classes will also be scheduled.