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Schedule a Shadow Day or a Tour

Shadow Days

SPCHS Shadow Days are an opportunity for current eighth grade and transfer students to experience a day on St. Petersburg Catholic High School's campus. Shadowing students will meet current Barons, attend three different classes alongside SPCHS high school students, and see what makes SPCHS so special!


The day begins at 8:30am and ends at 11:30am. 


We have reimagined this experience for the 2021-2022 school year, so our Shadow Days look a little different!


What's new?

We have created an interactive day, hosting up to 30 shadowing eighth graders (and/or transferring students) at a time instead of 10!

Due to the increase in students on our campus, we have limited SPCHS Shadow Days this year and there will only be three Shadow Day options during the fall to choose from. 


Does your eighth grader attend a Catholic Partner School?

Eighth grade students attending Catholic Partner Schools will participate on separate designated days as an eighth grade class and do not need to sign up through our website. Please refer to your principal and/or eighth grade teacher for details. You may also email Catherine Carmona with inquiries.


If your eighth grader does not attend a Catholic Partner School:

Individually shadowing a high school for the first time can be intimidating for students. We have increased the number of shadowing participants so that students can now sign up with their friends on the same day and experience high school together! 

In order to sign up, choose one of the three Shadow Days that work best for your schedule and complete the form. Information on this form will assist us in creating the best Shadow Day experience for your child! 



View the flyer below to learn about what our reimagined Shadow Days entail! 

You may click 'pause' in the lefthand corner to freeze the image. 



 Shadow Day Sign Up
Click on the date that you are interested in and it will bring you to the form! 
*The safety of our students and yours is our utmost concern. Students visiting our campus will have to adhere to the COVID-19 precautions that have been put in place by the Diocese.*


We invite parents and families to join us for a tour of our campus! On this tour, you will be welcomed and guided by SPCHS Student Ambassadors. While visiting classes in session, walking the halls of our campus, and talking with our students, you and your family will get a glimpse of what it’s like to attend St. Petersburg Catholic High School! 

Time and Dates (click on the date to sign up):

10:00am - 10:45am

October Dates: 

No campus tours in the month of October. Visit our Open House on Oct. 14th


November Dates:

November 11th, 2021



If you are interested in a tour of the school this summer, please email Catherine Carmona at

Upon arrival, you may park in one of the 15 min. parking spots which are located at the entrance of the school or any other spots available. You may enter the campus through the front office where administration and Student Ambassadors will be waiting to welcome you! 


Tours will last approximately 45 min. 

We hope to see you soon and cannot wait to introduce you to our our community! These tours are a separate event from our Shadow Days. If you are interested in signing up your student for a Shadow Day, scroll to the bottom of this page for more information! 

If you do not have a scheduled tour or appointment, we can not guarantee that a member of the admissions team will be available. 

If you have questions, you can email Catherine Carmona at