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Annual Giving - The Baron Fund

The Baron Fund

Annual Giving has become an essential part of building successful Catholic schools. Over the last few decades, with a clear decrease in vocations to religious life, a majority of the teaching and administrative work at Catholic schools is being done by the lay faithful. This has resulted in a financial shift and new found expenses in school operating budgets: faculty and staff. As a result, Annual Giving is what fills the gap between what is earned in tuition revenue for catholic schools and what is needed to, quite literally, run the school. In order to keep teacher and staff salaries competitive, to offer tuition assistance to needy families (as is essential to our mission), and properly budget for the arts, athletics, and academics, St. Petersburg Catholic must rely on annual gifts given by our parents, past parents, and alumni. 

The Baron fund runs from July 1st - June 30th each year. Click HERE to contribute now!


Please see below for the 2019-2020 Annual Report: