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Annual Baron Gala


The annual Baron Gala is the premier social event for the alumni, parents, grandparents, past parents, and friends of St. Petersburg Catholic High School. 

The 2022 Baron Gala was held on March 12th!!! Thank you to our sponsors, parents, faculty, staff, and students for making this a night to remember!

Havana Nights
Gala Chair: 
Dawn Miller
Please see the Google Sheets list below if you are seeking parent service hours for the Gala. This is a list of organizations we are seeking to procure donations from for the Gala. We encourage parents to ask for donations from these organizations instead of buying the items outright. However, during this time of economic hardship for many small businesses, you may choose to support these establishments AND St. Petersburg Catholic by buying gift certificates, etc. instead. 
We ask that if you are seeking a donation from a particular place to indicate as much on the Google sheet. This will help us keep track of who is being solicited and who has yet to be solicited. 

20th Annual (3/12/22) - Havana Nights

19th Annual (3/6/21) - Kentucky Derby

18th Annual (3/8/21) - Cruising the Caribbean

17th Annual (3/2/19) - Mardi Gras Ball

16th Annual (3/24/18) - Diamonds Are Forever

15th Annual (3/25/17) - A Night at the Opera

14th Annual (10/17/15) - Boots & Bling

13th Annual (10/11/14) - A Winter Wonderland

12th Annual (10/12/13) - Take 12 - "The Silver Screen"

11th Annual (3/2/13) - A Night at the Derby

10th Annual (3/3/12) - Dancing Under The Stars

9th Annual (3/5/11) - Night on the Nile

8th Annual (3/6/10) - Havana Nights

7th Annual (3/7/09) - A Night In Venice

6th Annual (3/1/08) - Treasures of the Sea

5th Annual (3/3/07) - Mardi Gras Madness

4th Annual (3/18/06) - A Night in the Tropics

3rd Annual (3/19/05) - A Night at the Oscars

2nd Annual (3/13/04) - A Night in Manhattan

1st Annual (3/15/03) - A Night on Bourbon Street