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PlusPortals Parent Directory

Access the PlusPortals Parent Directory:

1.  Log into PlusPortals parent account (https://www.plusportals.com/StPetersburgCatholicHighSchool).

2.  Click on the "Directory" tab from the toolbar (alongside "Home", "E-Mail", etc...).

3.  Search for the parent you want to look up (or search by the students' last name in case it's different than the parents' last name).



Opt-out of the PlusPortals school directory OR specify what info is included:

1.   Log into PlusPortals parent account (https://www.plusportals.com/StPetersburgCatholicHighSchool).

2.   Click on your “name” from the top-right toolbar.

3.   Select “Directory Listing” from the drop-down.

4.   If you would like to:

a.  Opt-out of the directory:  Uncheck the box that says “List my information in the school directory”.

b.  Remain in the directory:  Leave the box checked that says “List my information in the school directory” …You can select which information actually appears in the directory by unchecking/checking the boxes next to the items (checked boxes will be displayed in the directory and unchecked boxes will be hidden).

5.   Select “Save Directory Settings” to save your changes.


How-to Video:   Opting-out of the PlusPortals school directory OR specifying what info is included