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Student Activities Vision Statement:

St. Petersburg Catholic High School provides a quality, Catholic education for young people in Pinellas County. It is recognized that such an education includes the opportunity to participate in activities outside the classroom setting. Faithful to this ministry of service, each student activity at SPC strives toward the following:

  •  To enhance the spirit of community and sense of pride within our student body;
  •  To provide opportunities for socialization among members of the student body;
  •  To strengthen the talents of the student in preparation for life away from our school community;
  •  To provide opportunities for the student to serve the community at large
  •  To bring the student to a fuller understanding of his/her relationship with God

 We are aware of the challenges presented by our society, all student activities at SPC are focused on student involvement, and enlightening the entire young person. All of our activities openly welcome participation from members of the student body and will not discriminate against any students who are eligible to participate. 


Mr. Mathew Kapolka
Director of Student Activities

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