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Brentwood Senior Living Community is looking for volunteers for many different tasks and projects.  You can contact Kayla Jacobson at lld@brentwoodstpete.com or call 727-536-9900.
PARC is in need of volunteers for various tasks.  PARC's slogan is Turning disabilities into capabilities.  If you are interested in volunteering for PARC please contact Emery Johannes at ejohannes@parc-fl.com or call 727-345-911.

Contact Boyd Hill Nature Preserve for volunteer hours at 727-893-7326  

If you are interested in helping to serve the homeless on Saturday mornings you can email GW Rolle at gwrolle@gmail.com or call at 727-424-1088.  GW Rolle is a Homeless Advocate on pastor at Misa Deo Christian Church.  They work closely with Daystar Life Center.

Dolphin View Rehab is looking for volunteers to serve as receptionist.  Call Tracy Holley at 727-831-0627

The Kind Mouse is always looking for help with the important work they do providing milk and food for children.  Contact them at Info@TheKindMouse.org.  Look them up at www.TheKindMouse.org to see all that they do in our community.

Northside Hospital has a teen volunteer program contact Hillary Douglas at 727-528-5959 or visit their website at:  http://northsidehospital.com/about/volunteers.dot

Bon Secours Jacqueline Earp at 727-568-1023

St. Vincent de Paul Society 727-328-2730

Daystar at 727-825-0442

Morning Star School at (727) 544-6036

Boley Centers "Your Neighborhood Thrift Store" (right next door to our campus) call (727) 344-6579 to volunteer.

You may contact your church or place of worship about performing service hours there.  Any non-profit organization is acceptable.  The organization you work for must send the youth office an email or letter on their letterhead stating how many service hours you worked.  Remember hours worked at school for the sole benefit of St. Pete Catholic are not accepted at community service hours for students.


New Student Service Hours Requirements

Every St. Petersburg Catholic student is required to perform a minimum of 100 service hours during their four-year career at St. Petersburg Catholic, with a minimum of 25 hours each academic year until they reach the 100 hours. Twenty-five of the 100 hours must be completed at one entity during the course of their four years at St. Petersburg Catholic. A 500- word reflection is due by the end of the first semester of Senior year on the 25 hours of service worked at that one entity. The reflection can be submitted anytime after the 25 hours at the one entity are completed.  Class of 2018 is exempt from this requirement.

If you have completed service hours over the summer of 2017 they must be submitted in writing via email to kbrasseur@spchs.org or to Mrs. Brasseur via a hard copy letter from the organization you where you worked by AUGUST 21, 2017.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - IN ORDER FOR THOSE HOURS TO COUNT THEY MUST BE SUBMITTED TO MRS. BRASSEUR BY AUGUST 21, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Youth Ministry Office.


God, My Father, 

I want to be the best person I can be.

I want to be a saint.

I offer myself totally to you and I ask for the help of the Holy Spirit.  

I pledge to devote myself tofollowing the plan of holiness and keep it faithfully.

1.  I will be cheerful.

2.  I will do my duties well.

3.  I will stay close to Jesus in the Eucharist.

4.  I will honor and love Mary as my Mother and Helper.

5.  I will choose to be kind.

6.  I want to serve rather than be served.

Father, May your grace, the intercession of Mary Help of Christians and of St. John Bosco, together with the assistance of my fellow Christians keep me faithful to this plan day by day.





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