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Our College Fair was a success! Thank you to all the colleges and universities that came out today and gave our students the opportunity to learn more about their higher education!
Relive the Installation & Commissioning of our Leadership Team. Check out the full video on our Facebook page! Link in bio. #Leadership #ServantLeaders #SPCHS #BaronBrilliance #GoBarons
This evening, you can get a glimpse of the SPC experience at our Open House! Open House Update: We’ve had tremendous interest in our Open House and have reached capacity in our group tours. To accommodate those still interested in learning more about SPC, we have opened up spaces in our 5:00pm and 6:30pm group, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please pre-register at www.spchs.org/openhouse to ensure your spot this evening. #gobarons
St. Petersburg Catholic High School’s Open House is tomorrow! Our time slots are filling up but there is still availability. If you are interested in seeing our wonderful campus and meeting our amazing faculty, sign up today! spchs.org/openhouse
Our Photo 1 class is working on an “Instagram-Worthy Reproductions” project. Students worked with props, filters, and lighting elements to create magical photos! Gianna Settle and Antwon Cummings perfected the “Under the Ice”/Frozen look with some tricky photography techniques! #frozen #GoBarons #FineArtsSPCHS #photography #BaronBrilliance #happyfriday
SPC Alumnus and School Advisory Board Member, Billy Tapp '05, relived his football days this morning as he spoke to us about his experience with Fortitude. Billy's back was broken during a game, and it took him out of a pivotal season. He chose to courageously overcome. With the love & support from his family, friends, and Baron Community, Billy went on to not only star on the Baron Field, but receive a full scholarship to play in college. Billy's story is a true embodiment of our motto: Fortes in Unitate. #SPCHSAlumni #FortitudeSPC #ConvocationSPC #BaronVirtues #football #overcome #StrengthInUnity
SPC took a moment to remember all the lives lost and lives affected this day 18 years ago. We recognize that faith, as well as strength in unity, during difficult times is necessary. We are unified today as a school and as a country. #fortesinunitate
Authenticity: a French word meaning genuine, real, true. Here we see our World Languages teacher, Madame Davis, in front of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Her Convocation Address this morning, reminded us of the Authenticity of Christ's Church. Even when a building, beautiful as it may be, is reduced to ash and rubble, the Church remains. Our Catholic Church is authentic, because it is rooted in our real, true, and genuine Lord. Thank you, Lord, for the Authenticity of your Church. #AuthenticitySPC #ConvocationSPC #GoBarons #paris #NotreDame
We love having our #SPCHSAlumni come back to visit! We especially love it when they speak at Convocation! Hannah Wiand '18, visited us today to speak about the virtue of Humility. She reminded us of some of St. Francis' teachings on humility and left us with encouragement to live humble lives rooted in a foundation of Christ. Thank you for spending the morning with us, Hannah! #ConvocationSPC #HumilitySPC #GoBarons #cslewisquotes
This morning, Fr. Chuck Dornquast shared his own story about living an authentic life. Christ calls us each to be fully alive in Him and fully ourselves with Him. Thank you, Fr. Chuck, for speaking at Convocation and teaching us all how we can be authentically ourselves in the light and love of Christ! #ConvocationSPC #AuthenticitySPC #GoBarons #jesuslovesyou
We love it when priests from local parishes come celebrate the Mass at SPC! Thank you for spending the morning with us today, @fralexpadilla ! #MassDaySPC #Holy #Catholic #GoBarons
Come join us at Open House! All 4th through 8th graders, along with their families are invited to tour our campus and meet our Faculty & Staff. Please be sure to sign up for your preferred time: 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm, & 6:00pm. Your guided open house experience is available for sign up at www.spchs.org/openhouse #OpenHouseSPC #openhouse #GoBarons #SPCHS