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At St. Petersburg Catholic, we believe that narrative communicates the goodness, beauty, and truth of the human condition. Through engagement with literature, our students come to know themselves, their community, and the wisdom of God’s intelligent design. 


Our curriculum is vertically articulated to create reading, writing, listening and speaking experiences that build in development and rigor. With a focus on global perspectives, all four grades offer skill development through the use of 21st century learning skills, integration of technology, and empathetic, active engagement with the larger world. 



  • To strengthen academic reading & writing skills 
  • To widen global perspectives through pluralism in text selection
  • To foster the development of moral imagination through encounter with narrative 
  • To encourage authentic personal expression and reflection through language
Jolene Baldado
Department Chair
Barbara Clasen
Valeri Fowler
Kate Munkittrick
Rachael Sevier