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Language is a unique aspect of the human condition. It is through language that we, as human beings, are empowered to communicate our stories, spread ideas, and successfully live in community with one another. As such, we believe that learning forgein language allows our students to be better citizens of the world and to understand their context within it more deeply.

In the World Language Department at St Petersburg Catholic High School, students have the opportunity to develop both cultural awareness and language skills outside of English and the English-speaking world.  Students may fulfill the two-year language requirement with either Spanish or French. 



  • To enable students to communicate orally and in writing using standard grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in the target language
  • To develop the virtue of fortitude through consistently engaging with language and culture forgein to that of their own
  • Use the target language for a lifetime of personal enjoyment and enrichment.


  • Curriculum centered on addressing all four areas of language learning:  Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • Broad cultural focus on the French and Spanish-speaking countries around the world
  • Dual Enrollment Spanish
  • AP Spanish

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Debra Davis

Department Chair 




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Isabel Glenn