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Athletics Overview



At St. Petersburg Catholic High School, our athletics program is supported by the following beliefs:

  1. Athletics allow our students to see themselves as individuals made in the image and likeness of God, gifted with unique talents and abilities
  2. Athletics show our students the truth of our motto, “fortes in unitate,” strength in unity. 
  3. Athletics provide a means for character development and personal growth.

Our commitment to character development: Athletics can be an obvious vehicle for positive character growth or an agent for the development of vicious habits and character flaws. Whether or whether not athletics is successful at doing the former depends on the way in which athletic success and excellence is framed and pursued. Winning is not the end or goal of athletic success, character formation is. However, winning is surely a consequence, or result, of a team that has been formed well, that perseveres in the face of adversity, that works together, and that pushes harder than the rest to reach their physical potential. By helping students and players be truly excellent at SPCHS--to embody the virtues--we enable them to embark on a path to athletic success. 

To this end, at SPCHS we are intent on seeing the whole student, understanding that they are more than their athletic prowess and ability. Ensuring that students become future leaders depends on this vision. No student is a means to victory for a single season. No student is just an athlete. True excellence on the field or the court also manifests in the classroom and in a student’s relationships. We help our students achieve this by encouraging mental and bodily discipline, wellness and nutrition, emotional regulation and direction, and radical humility to see oneself clearly and where improvements are needed to excel. This is what it means to be driven by excellence, not by pride or selfish ambition. 


If you are planning to attend tryouts for any Fall Sport, make sure you contact the coach prior to try-outs. Athletes must attend tryouts to be considered for the team. 
Please remember everyone must have a current Physical (EL2) and Consent forms (EL3) before they can participate in Fall sports, including try-outs. 




Thank you to our community sponsors! Because of you, Baron athletics can thrive!