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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

St. Petersburg Catholic High School is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school rooted in a firm foundation of Catholic faith, family, tradition, and excellence. As a diverse teaching and learning community, we are committed to forming young men and women in spirit, mind, and body for future leadership and compassionate service.

Supporting Beliefs

●  As a school family, we are committed to inviting our members into the life of Christ by teaching and living the Gospel in word and action.

●  As a Catholic school, we strive to reflect the diversity of our Church and community.

●  As a faith community dedicated to learning, serving, growing, and praying together, we strive to engage not only students but also their families. This belief is consistent with our school motto, Fortes In Unitate, which translates to “strength in unity”.

●  As a learning community, we strive to cultivate lifelong learning and critical thinking in our students, preparing them for leadership in the Church and in the world.

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

The five pillars of St. Petersburg Catholic High School’s new 5-year Strategic Plan 2018-2023 are: (1) re-envisioning curriculum; (2) enhancing formation of spirit, mind, and body; (3) increasing the school’s presence and impact locally and globally; (4) creating a long-range financial and advancement plan; and (5) developing a Campus Master Plan.

Initiatives to support the five strategic directions include an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (currently in candidacy phase), STREAM certification by the Florida Catholic Conference, program enhancements in engineering, health sciences, and visual and performing arts, a new retreat program for all students, a new Athletic Hall of Fame, and facility and security upgrades.

The renewed Mission Statement and Strategic Plan are the result of a one-year self-study that included faculty, staff, students, parents, board members, and alumni. 

Specifically, the five strategic directions aim to:

  • Re-envision education at St. Petersburg Catholic High School by sustained attention to its curriculum and program of study, enhancing faculty quality and engagement, and fostering 21st century teaching and learning environment, with state-of-the-art technology and teaching resources.
  • Enhance the school’s commitment to forming spirit, mind, and body to further St. Petersburg Catholic High School’s mission and strengthen its foundation of Catholic faith, family, tradition, and excellence.
  • Increase the school’s presence and impact in the city of St. Petersburg and the entire Tampa Bay region, the state of Florida, and across the United States.
  • Create a long-range financial and advancement plan that will seek to provide future financial stability for the school.
  • Promote a 21st century learning environment by creating a Campus Master Plan that addresses current facilities needs and prospective opportunities for expansion and growth.