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1:1 iPad Program

St. Petersburg Catholic High School strongly believes in the use of technology in the classroom. We began a 1:1 iPad program in 2014 so that all students have access to an Apple iPad throughout the school year. The iPad enables students to create content, collaborate with their fellow students and teachers and complete assignments in new and innovative ways by demonstrating their understanding of the material using documents, audio, video, photos and different apps. Our aim for the iPad program is to diversify the learning experience and increase student engagement with the use of technology.

Mobile Device Management


An essential element to a successful iPad program is the management of the devices themselves. We use a Mobile Device Management software called Mosyle Manager. With Mosyle, we are able to install profiles onto the iPads which allow the school to limit web content, limit the apps the students have access to, and provide time schedules for certain apps to hide during the school day but then be available to students in the evenings and weekends.  This program also gives the teachers access to classroom management features to further guide the use of the iPads in their classrooms.

St. Petersburg Catholic was featured in a video series by Mosyle about our use of their product and our school iPads in our classrooms.



iPad Apps

iPad Apps

One of the most important things about a successful technology program is how students and teachers can interact and work together using the technology.  We utilize apps that help students receive and turn in work, access their textbooks digitally, create presentations, movies, timelines, and interact with the content the teachers provide.  Utilizing these apps allows the teachers to promote a diversified and differentiated learning environment and students become engaged in the learning process.