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The St. Petersburg Catholic High School Mathematics Department provides mathematics instruction that will encourage students to become accurate, efficient, and flexible problem solvers. We believe that the rapidly changing technological advances have created a fluid and dynamic world for this generation of students. We can no longer predict and plan for the exact problems that they will encounter when they enter the workforce. We develop in our students the core knowledge, and skills they will need to successfully solve a variety of problems.

At the center of our instruction, is authentic problem-solving opportunities that present a significant cognitive challenge. Our definition of a mathematical problem may be a hands-on exploration of a mathematical concept, a multi-step task, shorter problems with a single answer, or looking for patterns and/or repeated reasoning in discussions of arithmetic strategies. Students must have the chance to struggle with meaningful problems, discuss possible solutions with peers, create mathematical arguments, and place these arguments before a group of their peers who can provide validation and feedback. 




  • To form students in the virtue of wisdom through development of analytical reasoning skills
  • To ensure students are able to effectively read, interpret, analyze, and understand data
  • To cultivate skilled communication in mathematical language, both written and spoken


  • Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC


Craig M

Craig Mousseau

Department Chair


Robert Boland

Matt Kapolka

Matthew Kapolka 



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Kathleen King 




Katherine Lennon




Dr. Heather McGee