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Baron Boosters


The purpose of the Baron Boosters is to support the school, athletic director, and coaches in establishing and maintaining an environment where all of our student athletes can grow in love of God, expand their knowledge of themselves as a child of God with specific gifts, and glorify God for their strengths and abilities.  In addition the Baron Boosters will provide aid and support to all athletic programs through financial and volunteer support.


We are blessed to have an active and engaged committee structure full of parents who are passionate about the continued success of our athletics programs. Please see the list below of active members and current committee structure. 


Meeting Minutes:



Chris Wiand – President

Jim Previtera – Vice President

Becky Duffy - Secretary


Wade Brown (Chairperson)

Will Palmer

Norman Williams

Tracey Williams

Anna Womack





Debbie Walker (Chairperson)

Linda Anderson

Amanda Babb

Charlene Bailey

Stacey Hughes

Carol Parks

Kiki Welch

Kelly Wiand

Tracey Williams

Kristin Winters

Anna Womack






Lucianne Leighton (Chairperson)

Linda Anderson

Anna Mentgen

Rafael Palaganas

Dusty Palmer 

Kelly Wiand





Atina Williams (Chairperson)

Charlene Bailey



Laurie Haffner (Chairperson)

Tim DeMeza

Kevin Dooley

Becky Duffy

Lesley Mastalerz

Will Palmer

Jim Previtera

Debbie Walker

Chris Wiand




Tom Hand (Chairperson)