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Gout, Biology, Dna Strand, Science, Genetics


The Science Department at St Petersburg Catholic High School endeavors to awaken within our students a passion for and curiosity about the natural world. By creating student-centered, hands-on learning experiences, our teachers aim to effectively equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the sciences in college and beyond.




  • To equip our students with the necessary tools to be effective critical thinkers and problem solvers. 
  • To enable our students to manipulate and analyze data in order to draw meaningful conclusions about patterns in nature.  
  • To develop and nurture our students’ natural curiosity about the world, encouraging them to ask meaningful questions and to passionately seek answers. 
  • To prepare our students for success in the sciences at both the university and professional level. 


  • AP offerings: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • Intro to the Medical Profession course taught by dozens of doctors throughout the Tampa Bay Area
  • Engineering Program via Project Lead the Way
    • Grade 9: Introduction to Engineering Design
    • Grade 10: Principles of Engineering
    • Grade 11: Aerospace Engineering
    • Grade 12: Engineering Design and Development
  • Electives: Anatomy and Physiology, Earth & Space Science, Environmental Science, Marine Biology
  • Extracurricular Activities: Environmental Club, Robotics Club, Veterinary Club, Science National Honor Society

Phillip Johnston

Department Chair


Dr. Stephanie Elder
Enith Hernandez


Angela Ivey 

Danielle Marchesini