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Parent Association Board

The Parent Association Board is crucial to our school's success and character. Our board contributes greatly to the success of school fundraising initiatives, increasing overall parent engagement, and supporting our faculty and staff. Each one of our members devotes a substantial amount of time, talent, and treasure to these areas and we are blessed to have them as part of the Baron family. 
If you are interested in serving on the board please contact our Advancement Office, [email protected].
At St. Petersburg Catholic, we are strong because our families are strong and engaged. A dedicated PA board is essential for the success of any school, but especially important in Catholic education. It is part of our mission to work with families for the sake of your child’s character development and future success. As a result, we require all members of the PA board to join a subcommittee to ensure that these initiatives receive the proper support.


Executive Committee: 

  • President - General oversight and management of PA Board - chairs PA meetings and attends consultative board meetings on behalf of the PA 
  • Secretary - Responsible for keeping minutes at PA Board meetings, edit, and share with the board. 
  • Treasurer - Responsible for managing PA dues and stewarding funds appropriately 


Class Representatives: A class representative serves as a liaison to the rest of the parents in their child’s class. In other words, they are responsible for communicating and disseminating information, marketing social functions and school events, and communicating concerns of the parents they represent. 

Gala Committee: This committee is responsible for coordinating and planning our annual Gala event and soliciting parent volunteers for all sub-committees pertaining to the Gala. The Gala Committee functions as an arm of the PA board, but has its own subcommittee structure. 

Baron Fund Committee: The Annual Fund Committee is responsible for finding Annual Fund general chairs and class chairs for each class—a total of 10 parents. These charis/parents do not necessarily need to be on the PA board. 

Giving Tuesday Committee: The Baron Day of Giving Committee is responsible for coordinating parent involvement and planning for Giving Tuesday. 

Teacher Appreciation Committee: The teacher appreciation committee is responsible for planning and organizing teacher luncheons and organizing an appreciation initiative on Teacher Appreciation Day. 

Parent Engagement Committee: This committee is responsible for organizing new parent socials in the beginning of each year and recruiting new parents for the PA board. The goal is to have one general parent social and one targeted parent social per class. This can be done in the form of party tickets sold at the Baron Gala each year. 

Patrons of the Arts Committee: This committee is charged with supporting the fine art programs at SPCHS (music, performance, visual). This committee will work closely with the Fine Arts Department in providing crucial support for musicals, art exhibitions, and student performances. 

*Service Hours Addendum: All parents on the PA board will receive 5 parent volunteer hours for completion of sub-committee duties and responsibilities.

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 @ 6pm in the Learning Commons
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 @ 6pm in the Learning Commons
All members of the PA Board are required to serve on a minimum of one subcommittee. In order to select your sub-committee please fill out THIS FORM
President: Crystal Hernandez
Treasurer: Robyn Montanez
Secretary:  Tara Searles
Robert and Mari Czyszczon
Dawn Miller
Monica Mena
Kelly DeMeza & Lauri Haffner
Crystal Hernandez and Robyn Montanez