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Convocation Program



As boldly professed in our motto, “fortes in unitate,” we believe our strength is derived from our unity as a school community. This is precisely why we make an effort to gather regularly as a school during convocation each morning. During this time, we pray together, pledge allegiance to the flag, and hear motivational words from SPCHS alumni, community leaders, students, faculty, and staff. Most of our speakers tell their own story through the lens of our core virtues: authenticity, compassion, fortitude, humility, and wisdom. In doing this, we have been able to teach students what living out the virtues truly looks like, through the witness of our speakers that possess them. 

This program has proven to be quite formative for our students, affording them the opportunity to hone public speaking skills and challenging them to be vulnerable in front of their peers. In addition, students have especially enjoyed hearing anecdotes from faculty and staff, allowing them to connect more deeply with their teachers and recognize their common struggles and triumphs. 

Below you can find some comments and reflections from a recent survey students took about convocation. Students names have been removed to protect their anonymity:

“I learned everyone goes through hard times but it’s just a part of life and it helps you grow” 

“Everyone has a purpose in life”

“I’ve learned to humble myself, because God should always be first”

“That I need to be myself and stop hiding behind a mask”

“I’ve learned that other people have dealt with the same things as me--race or religion, or struggles in school”

“I learned a lot about my school community and viewing people differently than they appear” 

“I’ve learned more about humility and what it looks like in certain situations”

“My favorite virtue was fortitude or strength. I feel like I have definitely grown in fortitude this year and I was inspired by the talks.”

If you would be interested in speaking at Convocation or would like to nominate someone to speak at convocation, please fill out THIS FORM or contact our Advancement Office at [email protected]