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Tuition & Financial Assistance


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Tuition & Fees (2021-2022 School Year)




Catholic Parish Affiliation Tuition**: $12,350
No Parish Affiliation Tuition: $13,850



Fees (all fees are non-refundable)


Technology Fee**: $500
Registration Fee:
($100 deposit due at registration)
Student Activity Fee: $100
Retreat Fee (Juniors Only): $150
Graduation Fee (Seniors Only): $200
Parent Association Fee (per family): $30



Other Costs


Uniforms St. Petersburg Catholic High School has a Mass Day uniform and Regular Day uniform. Students are required to be in full Mass Day uniform during the entire school day that Mass is held on campus. The uniforms may cost anywhere from $200-$500 a year.


Parking Parking permit for licensed student drivers is $40 (annual). Students drivers must complete the form and pay for their pass during the first week of school, or the first week of the licensure. Student cars parked without a permit are subject to a ticketed fine.


Food & Drink Students have the option to purchase snacks, beverages and lunches every day. Approximately $5.00 a day should be sufficient to cover food costs if the student chooses to purchase food on campus.


Other Classes, athletic teams, and student clubs may have materials, dues, or other expenses throughout the year depending on the activities in which your student(s) participate(s).



Paying Tuition


All families must have an active FACTS Payment Plan by June 1st. Payment schedules include 10 monthly payments, quarterly payments, semester payments and lump sum payments. If you would like to request a special payment plan, please fill out this form. Set up your family’s payment plan by following this link: FACTS Payment Plan. Please verify the payment method is both current and valid.




Financial Assistance


Tuition at St. Petersburg Catholic High School continues to be an excellent value. For some, we realize that it may put a strain on your family budget. We encourage any family in need of assistance to provide a Catholic school education for their child to apply for need-based financial aid. Please see below for a list of scholarship opportunities available to students at SPC.




Catholic School Tuition Assistance Grant (CSTAG)

Eligibility: Financially eligible Catholic students at SPC


Catholic students whose families fit the financial eligibility profile are eligible for tuition assistance from the Diocese. All Catholic families that have applied for FACTS will automatically be evaluated by CSTAG. This application is due March 31, and all documents must be uploaded by April 15.


Access your FACTS account here: FACTS Account Login



Mary C. Forbes Foundation Scholarship

Eligibility: Financially eligible Catholic students at SPC


A private foundation that offers assistance to active practitioners of the Roman Catholic faith. The award of Mary C. Forbes scholarships is based significantly on financial need. Applications are due April 30.


Access the Mary C. Forbes Foundation application here: Forbes Application 



Step Up for Students (Florida Tax Credit) ****

Eligibility: Financially eligible students at SPC


Step Up for Students award annual scholarships (up to $7,053.00 for 2021-22) to eligible students to help them attend an eligible private school of their choice. Applications for new families opens in March. Once awarded by Step Up, the family must present their award letter to St. Petersburg Catholic by May 31. Failure to do so may result in the loss of scholarship.

Access the Step Up application here: Step Up for Students


Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES)****

Eligibility: Must meet Step Up for Students eligibility


The Family Empowerment scholarship is Florida’s first voucher program for low- and middle-income students. The scholarship was up to $7,053.00 for 2021-22. To qualify the household income has to be within the guidelines and the student has to have attended public school in the prior year.


Access the FES FAQs here: Family Empowerment Scholarship



AAA Scholarship Foundation****

Eligibility: Financially eligible students at SPC


AAA awards annual scholarships (up to $7,053.00 for 2021-22) to eligible students to help them attend an eligible private school of their choice. The scholarship for private schools is for tuition and fees.


Access the AAA Florida Scholarship application here: AAA Florida Scholarship



McKay Scholarship****

Eligibility: Eligible students coming from public schools


This scholarship is available to all students currently in the Florida Public School system that have a qualified IEP or 504 Plan for specific learning issues. The scholarship was up to $9,227.00 for 2021-22.


Access the McKay Scholarship application here: McKay Scholarship




In-House Tuition Assistance

Eligibility: Any and all financially eligible student at SPC (Only after applying for any/all of the tuition assistance options mentioned above)


Any family seeking assistance to provide a Catholic school education for their child(ren) is encouraged to apply for need-based financial aid through FACTS Tuition Management. The FACTS application fee for the 2021-2022 school year is $35.00. This fee must be paid before the school can review your application and/or award any assistance. 


All FACTS applications must be submitted no later than March 31, and ALL documents must be uploaded to FACTS no later than April 15. Late or incomplete applications may not be considered for financial assistance and are subject to availability after complete and timely applications have been finalized.


Unfortunately, the school cannot give estimates on any family’s potential award amounts without a complete and submitted FACTS Grant & Aid application. 


Access your FACTS account here: FACTS Account Login


(For helpful instructions to create a FACTS Grant & Aid application with St. Petersburg Catholic, please use the link above and watch this video.)




*Private school tuition is not tax deductible. It is not a donation to a non-profit, rather you are paying for our services to educate, foster, and protect your child(ren) while they are on campus.


**Affiliated Families are active, practicing Catholics and are registered in a Catholic parish in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. To be eligible for this tuition rate, new families must turn in the Parish Verification letter by May 31.


***Includes iPad, iPad accessories, textbooks, apps, and iPad insurance. The school retains ownership of the iPad. When students graduate or transfer from SPC, the iPad, case, charging brick, and cord must be returned to the school. If the iPad is returned damaged, a fee of $50 will be assessed. If charging accessories are not returned, a $40 will be assessed. If the iPad is not returned, a $350 fee will be assessed. Transcripts are withheld until all financial obligations are met.


****State-funded and private scholarships DO NOT cover 100% of school tuition and fees. Families will still be responsible for a portion of the tuition and all applicable fees. Step Up and AAA cannot be combined. Families are eligible for one scholarship or the other and must inform the school of their scholarships by turning in a copy of the official award letter.



SPCHS Financial Information for Perspective Parents