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The St. Petersburg Catholic High School social studies department is dedicated to developing skilled, knowledgeable, and concerned members of the Church, local community, nation, and world.

It is essential for our department and for our teachers to possess a vision that reinforces social responsibility and civic awareness to each student we encounter. As social studies teachers, we are driven to use social studies education to empower all of our students so that they can see the connection between social studies and their lives. We want to create better citizens who can function as contributors in a free nation. By giving of ourselves to make a better society, we hope that each of us, as teachers, is willing to lead our students and develop their understanding so that they can understand the influences of the past and pave the way for a better tomorrow. 




  • To give students a broad understanding of the development of institutions and social environments so that they may better adjust to rapidly changing conditions
  • To prepare students for their opportunities and responsibilities in society by fostering an appreciation of contemporary problems through discussion of current issues, their historical backgrounds, and social teaching of the Church 
  • To foster the virtues of humility and compassion through study of history
  • To develop practical reasoning and research skills, including the ability to judge appropriate resources and authorities


  • AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP Psychology  
  • Model United Nations – SPCHS is represented annually at the national conference in Orlando
  • Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society

Mrs. Jessica Kreger

Department Chair

Alison Blanc
Teno Geritano
Teno Geritano
Mark Huber
Kate Munkittrick
Kate Munkittrick
Bryce Patenaude
Kyle Weaver