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Why Give?


"We believe that the future of the Church depends on the future of our schools. You can help build that future."




Your gift to St. Petersburg Catholic High School has two crucial effects: 

  1. It allows students to learn in an environment where they feel safe, personally cared for, and have the means and mentorship to flourish as human beings made in the image and likeness of God. Without annual fundraising we would not be able to provide this tremendous gift to dozens of our students. You make it possible. 
  2. It continues the mission of the Church, providing a medium through which students are able to encounter Christ through the liturgy, through friendship, and through the passion and zeal of faculty and staff. In a world that is increasingly distancing itself from traditional values, St. Petersburg Catholic firmly professes a desire to reinforce faith, family, tradition, and excellence. In this way we believe that the future of the Church depends on the future of our schools. You can help build that future. 

Those who choose to give to our mission, choose to support both the future of individual students and the Church. To make your contribution today, click the button for the Baron Fund below:

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After tuition there is still a six-figure gap that needs to be filled to meet operating costs. This gap must be covering through fundraising efforts.
In addition to the fact that your gifts cover the tuition gap, your donations are directly proportionate to the overall success of the school each and every year. They keep class sizes small because we can afford to hire the number of teachers needed to keep our teacher/student ratio optimal. Additionally, your donations demonstrate support of our school mission and the mission of catholic education more generally. Catholic education is crucial for the future of the Church, the future of faith-filled families, and ensures that each child on our campus knows the love of their Heavenly Father. 
High school is one of the most pivotal times in a young person’s life. They are trying to discern their purpose in life, trajectory forward, belief in God, and belief in themselves. Catholic high schools stand apart from other secular institutions in being able to guide students academically, socially, emotionally, AND spiritually. It is here that students will learn the importance of faith and family. It is here that students will learn why God is calling them to do more than secure a fiscally sound future. An investment in Catholic High School is an investment in these students and their futures as community leaders and faith-filled adults--what a wonderful investment it is. 
Though the Diocese has been EXTREMELY generous to its schools, annual support from the Diocese helps finance tuition for low-income families and does not come directly to diocesan schools. Families must apply for these grant and scholarship programs (Mary C. Forbes, etc.). These programs are already factored in the operating budget and the tuition gap is what exists AFTER these credits are factored in. 
If the school simply lowered the cost of tuition, it would incur a larger tuition gap to cover through fundraising. Though we could enroll more students and thereby increase tuition revenue, it would also increase our operating costs because more teachers would have to be hired, salaried, and receive fringe benefits. It would also jeopardize the small-school environment integral to fulfillment of our mission. Ultimately, it would not be a prudent financial choice.
Although our tuition is certainly expensive, it is on lower end in comparison to other Catholic high schools nationally and other local independent schools. This is intentional. We firmly believe that Catholic education should be accessible and affordable for all families desiring a catholic education. 
There are a number of ways to make a gift to St. Petersburg High School. The best option for you is dependent upon your assets and financial goals. Visit our ways to give page to see some of the many options available to our donors. Also, please feel free to contact our Advancement Office in order to discern the current needs of the school that you can help support. 
You can be sure that each restricted gift made to St. Petersburg Catholic will respect donor intent and only be allocated to the source specified. In addition, St. Petersburg Catholic is committed to a future of financial health and wellness; your gift is most certainly part of that future.