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Why Give?


"We believe that the future of the Church depends on the future of our schools. You can help build that future."




Why Give?

If you believe in the mission of St. Petersburg Catholic High School and recognize that the school fulfills that mission, you would want to support the school as your financial means allow.


Annual Giving

Critical to the fiscal health of St. Petersburg Catholic High School is annual giving to the Baron Fund. Tuition and fees to attend are well below the annual cost to educate each student. It is through the generosity of SPC’s Annual Fund donors that the school is able to defray the cost of providing tuition assistance, minimize annual tuition rates, and advance academics, the arts and sciences, athletics and campus ministry as well as operating and facility maintenance expenses throughout the year. Ultimately, it is this generosity that allows the school to provide the “Baron Experience.”



Why not raise tuition to close “the gap”?


If we balance the budget and distribute the actual cost to all students, many of our families would not be able to afford a Catholic education. Distributive justice allows, through charitable giving, St. Petersburg Catholic High School to educate a diverse student population. Christian solidarity is achieved in closing the gap through charitable giving.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Advancement, by phone, 727-344-4065 extension 1227, or by email, [email protected], or Karly Bartlett, Advancement Services and Alumni Programs, by phone 727-344-4065 extension 1238, or by email, [email protected].